One of the things we are currently testing at SELF is the rewards program. For the next phase of testing, users can earn SELF rewards for any purchases that are made through a few selected affiliate partnerships. We are initially testing with Amazon and to make sure we get it right before building our network of partners.

Please note, the Amazon partnership is only valid for users in the following regions: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Users outside of those regions will not be able to earn rewards via Amazon links.

If you are in one of the above locations, and are planning to make any purchases from Amazon or, let SELF do the work so you can gain the benefits! Click here for a small selection of carefully curated favourite purchases of our international network of users, to give you an example of what people are buying right now.

How the rewards programme works

Every purchase you make (over £10) via the Amazon and links that SELF sends you during your interactions, will earn you SELF Rewards that will be converted into SELF’s own cryptocurrency when it launches.

All you have to do is:

  • Make your purchase using the link sent by SELF (any purchases made using a non SELF generated link will not be eligible for SELF Rewards).
  • Screenshot a copy of invoice or receipt of the purchase and send it to your SELF in Signal Messenger.
  • Once verified, your SELF Rewards balance will be updated and you will be sent a statement on a monthly basis via email.

Here's an example interaction with a user who calls their SELF "Simon":

The link that SELF generated goes to the Amazon page where the user purchases the oil for £28.31. This earns the user .57 SELF Rewards as the total commission for this purchase is 6% so the user earns 2%.

If the user was buying a Macbook Air for example, costing £829, assuming the same commission, the user would earn 16.58 SELF Rewards.

How many SELF Rewards will I earn?

Each purchase has a different commission rate that SELF receives from the partner. Our intent is to split that commission into three. You get a third, the partner gets a third and we get a third. We think that's fair, and motivates all parties to continue. When the SELF token launches, we will credit each party with the SELF token,  after purchasing it on an exchange.

SELF Rewards are like a cash back offering so it’s important to let SELF know about all your forthcoming purchase ideas.

How long will this test last?

SELF Rewards are a key part of making the experience more rewarding, so even if the test takes a different shape in future phases, our intention is for you to continually be able to earn SELF Rewards, provided you use the links that SELF sends you, and the purchase price is over £10.

Why do I need to send proof of purchase?

This is a temporary measure so SELF can match what you’ve purchased with the partner dashboards that show all purchases - note: this will only be required in this next phase of testing, not in the long-term.

When will I be able to redeem SELF rewards?

When the cryptocurrency launches, the balance of your SELF Rewards will be converted into crypto and transferred to your crypto wallet. The details and timeframe of the launch and conversion rate are yet to be determined, but we wanted to let you know the intention so you know what to expect down the line.

What will the conversion rate and the crypto price be?

This is yet to be determined and our target is to announce these details during 2024.

What if my chosen products aren’t available via Amazon or

Our ambition is to vastly increase the volume and diversity of partners through our next phases of growth. It’s quite likely that what you’re looking for isn’t available through the existing partners, and if SELF can’t find a Rewards link, you will be informed that the link(s) found fall outside of the Rewards system. Then it’s your choice as to whether you want to proceed with the purchase, even though it won’t earn you Rewards.