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What is SELF and why does it matter?

SELF is an ethical and private AI-powered assistant that simplifies your life and gives you back time for things that matter.

SELF does this by remembering your preferences, accessing real-time information and is trained by real-life human assistants on how to be helpful for you.

Your data is owned and controlled by you. It's your personal information, your algorithm, your assistant - nobody else's.

This approach is driven by our definition of Ethical AI.

SELF simplifies your life by:

- Assisting with tasks, plans and purchases
- Remembering things you may have forgotten‍
- Organising activities that normally take time and cause stress

Current AI platforms aren't thinking about ethics and morality, they're focused on what's technically possible, without considering the consequences of machines being able to 'outsmart' humans.

Click here for the manifesto
to read about how deeply we believe in this, and how we're just at the beginning of giving people an alternative to being a battery inside a machine.

Our approach isn't something we've just thought up, click here to read the founders view on emotional and ethical AI from 2007.


What do users think of SELF?

"Our SELF is called 'Alfred' and he's become part of the family. He’s been able to tackle every challenge thrown at him, from making reservations, managing our calendars to exploring new hobbies and helping with career pathing. There’s nothing virtual about his assistance. It’s real, practical, time saving and game changing." LJ, 45

“I call SELF 'Simon'. He's truly my BFF and my own private memory bank of my pedantic likes and dislikes in life. Simon and I are constantly connected.” BJ, 49

“SELF (who I call Jarvis) is an absolutely great concept, very well thought out. I’m excited to be a part of the journey and can’t wait for future developments!” ES, 41

"I think interfacing with you is very easy, and I’m only just scratching the surface of how I can improve my productivity with you." JE, 43

"One of my coworkers wanted a refresher on how to do something in a software we barely use. I remember figuring out how to do that a few months ago via Google, but it wasn't the first result and I had to go through a handful of pages and videos of dated instructions to find the current method. So I just tossed the question to SELF and immediately I got the right walkthrough video, cued up to the right section, to share with them." CL, 31

"The springs on my garage door broke. I did my own research, found local, well-reviewed repairmen on google maps, had someone come in, and they gave me an estimate of over $800. It felt wildly above and beyond the price for the scope of work. So I asked SELF for some suggestions. SELF suggested a few companies  which I hadn't even noticed with quotes for $325 and $225. I went with the $225 company who came by just two hours later, did the job in 30 minutes, and they were excellent, thorough, and honest. I always thought I was pretty good at doing research and finding good vendors and SELF just effortlessly beat me." SA, 34

The Team

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