Changing The Game Of AI Assistants

September 15, 2023
by Jonathan MacDonald

In today's fast-paced world, juggling the demands of work and personal life can often feel like an uphill battle. From managing your daily tasks to planning special occasions, wouldn't it be fantastic to have a personal assistant who knows you inside out and is available at your beck and call, 24/7? Well, get ready to meet your new digital sidekick, SELF – a groundbreaking Hyper-personal AI-powered assistant designed to make your life smoother and more organised than ever before.

SELF is not your run-of-the-mill virtual assistant; it's a technological marvel that goes above and beyond in understanding your preferences, automating tasks, and offering impeccable suggestions tailored just for you. SELF is emotionally smart, whilst other platforms are based on purely logical intelligence. Imagine having a companion who never forgets your likes and dislikes, who effortlessly assists you with both your business and personal matters, and who's always just a click away. SELF is that companion.

Progressive Disclosure: Getting to Know You Better

One of SELF's most remarkable features is its ability to learn about you through a process known as progressive disclosure. Every interaction with SELF provides it with valuable insights into your preferences, habits, and requirements. The more you engage with SELF, the better it becomes at understanding your unique needs and desires.

Let's dive into an example to see how SELF works its magic:

A SELF user says:

"My wife and I would like to visit the theatre in London on the last weekend of October to celebrate her 50th birthday. We would like to see a musical and have dinner at a Michelin star Italian restaurant close to the theatre. A matinee show would be ideal so we can enjoy an early dinner. We do not like travelling late at night on the trains."

In just one conversation, SELF gains a wealth of information about this user:

- They are married, and their wife will turn 50 at the end of October.

- They have a penchant for theatre, particularly musicals.

- Fine dining is their preference, with Italian cuisine topping the list.

- Travelling late at night by train is a no-go.

These preferences are securely stored in the user's database - a neural network of inter-related data points, ensuring that SELF never forgets what makes them unique. This level of memory detail sets SELF apart from the majority of AI assistants available today, especially as the data is privately owned by the user.

Imagine a few days later, after SELF has booked the theatre and restaurant, the user says:

"Change of plan - I'm thinking of getting a hotel for us for her birthday weekend. Any suggestions?"

SELF could respond: 

"I've found a few hotels near the Italian restaurant and I'll send some links in the next message. Just a thought - if you're not travelling back that night, one of the hotel options is actually above your wife's favourite wine bar. I can make a later reservation for the wine bar too if you like?"

There isn't any other AI platform that would apply that much care and attention - let alone remember such related information.

Real-Time Information and Human-Assisted Training

SELF doesn't rely solely on its memory; it's also connected to real-time information sources and other AI platforms. Plus, it benefits from continuous training by human assistants to ensure its understanding of tasks and responses remains top-notch. This means you can trust SELF to provide accurate and up-to-date information whenever you need it.

While SELF is already an impressive assistant, it's worth noting that it's a work in progress. The development team behind SELF is committed to making it even more helpful based on user feedback. Future iterations will incorporate enhancements to further elevate your experience.

In a world where time is a precious commodity, SELF stands as a remarkable solution to help you reclaim more of it for yourself. With its exceptional memory, personalised assistance, and commitment to improvement, SELF is your future-ready companion, poised to simplify your life like never before. Say hello to your new digital sidekick and experience the future of AI-powered personal assistants with SELF.

If you would like to meet your SELF, visit the following link and join the waitlist:

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