The SELF Guide to Staying Ahead: Predictive Personalisation in Action

February 25, 2024
by Jonathan MacDonald

Understanding Predictive Personalisation

Predictive personalisation is the art of using data-driven insights to anticipate an individual's needs and preferences before they even express them. By analysing past behaviours, preferences, and patterns, we can forecast future actions and tailor experiences to meet those expectations seamlessly.

The SELF Approach

At SELF, our mission is "Learning you. Understanding you. Serving you." We embody this mantra by continuously evolving our platform to understand your unique preferences and lifestyle choices. By adding your preferences to your SELF profile, you empower your SELF to serve you with a level of personalisation that feels increasingly predictive.

Staying Ahead with SELF

Imagine waking up to a world where your own private AI knows you so well that it can predict your needs. From the moment you open your eyes, SELF has already lined up your day perfectly. Your favourite Earl Grey tea is suggested as your morning beverage, and a reminder pops up about booking a spa day at Aire Ancient Baths, knowing how much you value self-care.

As you prepare for work, SELF suggests an outfit that not only matches your style but also considers the weather forecast and your schedule's formality. Your commute is stress-free because SELF has already checked the traffic conditions and suggested the best route to take in your zesty yellow Mini Cooper Convertible.

Throughout the day, SELF keeps you on top of your game. From organising your tasks as an Executive Leader to suggesting a lunch venue like JSheekey, every recommendation is tailored to your preferences. SELF even reminds you to message your best friend for a dinner catch-up knowing you last met over 2 months ago.

The Future of Predictive Personalisation

As we continue to refine SELF's capabilities, the future looks even more personalised. Imagine SELF not just suggesting a hotel but booking your favourite room at the Mondrian because it knows your schedule and preferences. Or imagine SELF recommending a new restaurant that aligns with your love for beef and Sunday roasts, all because it understands your culinary tastes.


Predictive personalisation is not just about convenience; it's about enriching your life with experiences that resonate with who you are. At SELF, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that our platform not only responds to your needs but anticipates them. By learning you, understanding you, and serving you, we make every day not just manageable but truly exceptional.

Remember, the more you share on your SELF profile or via conversations with SELF, the better SELF can tailor its services to fit your life perfectly. So, take the reins of predictive personalisation and let your SELF guide you to a future where you're always one step ahead.

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