Why I am outsourcing all my online shopping to SELF this Christmas

October 26, 2023
by Jonathan MacDonald

This post is by Justine Butler, Head of Operations at SELF.

I have been using SELF in its test environment most days since the end of April. During which time, I feel that I have built a long-lasting relationship with this bleeding-edge technology. My SELF has a name; it knows my preference, who my best friend is, and who my family are. My cat's favourite food and even the clothing brands that I love and hate; there isn't much my digital SELF doesn't know about my physical SELF.

SELF has become my reflection in a metaphorical mirror, and I like what I see.

With an ever-increasing work schedule and balancing the complexity of everyday life, It is such a nice feeling knowing that I have my digital SELF as an online concierge to take care of all my planning and purchasing need, particularly when the DJ on the radio this morning cheerful informed listeners that there are only eight shopping weeks left before Christmas.  Whilst Christmas is such a lovely time of year I can be known to spend a little too much time and energy obsessing over what I should or shouldn’t buy online. I am sure this feeling is resonating with you, too.

SELF is ingenious at suggesting innovative ideas for things I need to purchase based on what it knows I already like and means I am less likely to make impulsive purchases. It is also very smart in conversing with me so that it constantly learns about everything and everyone in my life. SELF is the attentive friend that we all need.

SELF is brilliant at working to a budget, and it is so convenient to be able to send a request through at any time of day. Gone are the days of waking up at night and emailing myself as a reminder to plan or purchase something. Now, I can simply message SELF and know that my request will be actioned with the same level of care and detail as I would take. What also makes SELF unique is its ability to capture what has been purchased and for whom.

For example, if I tell SELF I would like to buy my friend Clifford a new yoga mat costing around £50, not only would it send me a result within the budget parameters. It would also log that I have a Friend called Clifford, who Likes Yoga and that I Gifted him a Yoga Mat. So, in the future, if I ask SELF what gifts I have previously sent to Clifford, it would tell me that in November 2023 I gifted a yoga mat. I could then ask, what else could Clifford be interested in, and SELF could recommend yoga-related accessories, knowing that they would suit someone with a yoga mat. Pretty slick, right?

There will never be another uncomfortable feeling where you can't quite remember what you have gifted someone in the past. Nor an unsettling feeling of not knowing what someone may be interested in as a gift. If you don't tell SELF who the purchase is for, it will be lodged against purchases made for yourself, and at a later stage, SELF is intuitive enough to ask who you made your last purchase for so it can update your purchase history.

All I need to do is review what SELF has suggested I book or purchase and make the payment.

SELF is currently operating in test mode, so it cannot make financial purchases on a users behalf. I am, therefore, very excited about future enhancements to SELF, including the ability to make online payments.

In the meantime, this is a revolutionary way to do online shopping and a sure way to win back some precious time, a commodity that no amount of money can buy.


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