Why doesn't SELF respond immediately like other AI platforms?
Is SELF like ChatGPT and others?
What is the current status of the the project?
In the test phase and I speaking with an AI or a human?
What are the tailwinds that support this new venture? Why is there a market pull today that didn’t exist previously?
What can I use SELF for?
How does SELF utilise real-life human assistants?
How does SELF learn and improve over time?
What are SELF Rewards?
What is the SELF token and when is the crypto launching?
Will the big players big players catch up with the trend toward Sovereign and Ethical AI?
Who are SELF’s biggest competitors?
What about the Humane AI Pin?
What are the biggest threats you see for the project?
When SELF searches the the chosen search engine, presumably it will be subject algorithms/ advertising?
What are the Ethical risks associated with SELF e.g capturing preferences, presumably regardless of whether these preferences/likes are beneficial for the user?
How do I provide feedback or report issues?
Can SELF understand multiple languages?
Can I use emails and voice messages to communicate with SELF?
Can SELF create documents and research material on my behalf?
Can I communicate with SELF via the telephone?
Can SELF make purchases on behalf of its users?
Can SELF send a reminder to me?
Can SELF access my loyalty points from a 3rd party?
Can SELF give financial or medical advice?
Is my data safe?
How does a Hyper-Personal AI-Powered Assistant work?
How frequently will updates and improvements be made to SELF?
I'm concerned about the potential dangers of AI, how is SELF addressing the risks?
Where can I get more information and updates about SELF?