User Guide

The 3 key things to know about SELF are:

1. SELF is your personal assistant that saves you time. Similar to a human assistant, especially during the testing phase, SELF won't respond immediately - it's learning in the background. We're testing accuracy and training what being caring looks like. We are not testing speed of response. The system gets improved during UK working hours, so that's the time you're most likely to get a response.

2. The more SELF gets to know you, the more useful SELF can be. While you are waiting for SELF to 'do' something, tell your SELF about yourself, as your digital twin. If you have told SELF about your preferences before you ask something, the results are way better.

3. SELF works best as a personal shopper or a planning companion, saving you time in researching the ideal gift, purchase or trip. This is especially valuable now you can earn SELF Rewards by doing so.

Here's an example, starting with a question from SELF to a user:

SELF now records several things:

- The user is moving into an apartment.

- The move is happening on Friday.

- The apartment is in West London.

- There's a potential willingness to share a task that may require assistance.

This information is stored in the user's "brain" which contains all prior interactions, intentions and preferences. Only the user has ownership and control over that information. Later in the week, the user messages SELF:

SELF's response is based on a number of aspects:

- Several months earlier, the user stated a budget for decorators that SELF remembers.

- The user's locality is now West London.

- The unique links SELF has created are to decorators with the highest ratings within budget, serving that locality.

- If SELF has a partnership with the company chosen, SELF will earn an affiliate commission if the user makes a purchase.

- This commission will be used to buy the $SELF crypto currency (when launched), and is then split with the user and the company if they have opted in.

- This is planned to generate ongoing buy-pressure for $SELF on the crypto exchange.

In Summary

When interacting with SELF, it's a good idea to include information that may come in handy down the line, such as:

- Birthday and anniversary dates.

- Lifestyle preferences (food/entertainment/travel).

- Home and work locations.

- Spending budgets.

- Past purchases, especially those that were liked!

- Relatives and important people in your life.

You can let SELF know about these things at any stage, it's all recorded in your own personal database that is completely private.

When you start to use SELF, perhaps mention a trip you need to plan, or a purchase you’re thinking of making.

Remember, the more you tell SELF and use SELF, the more SELF will be able to help you, simplifying your life and giving you back time - your most precious commodity.