User Guide

What is SELF?

SELF is an adaptive Artificial Intelligence Assistant; designed to simplify your life, by learning and understanding your preferences, characteristics, and needs. The mission of SELF is to learn about you, understand you and serve you. Think of SELF as your digital twin, your very own private and personal storage bank, a digital footprint of your entire life.

Here are some examples of how to use SELF:

  1. As a memory bank, giving you access to things you may have forgotten
  2. As a study aid or research assistant based on what you’ve entered as your preferred area of interest
  3. As a personal advisor, bearing in mind SELF knows you as much as you have told SELF about yourself

There are many more ways of using SELF - give it a try to see how you find it most useful.

Testing Phase

During this test phase, there are certain limitations, such as the inability to set reminders, access other programs, or provide real-time feeds for flights, hotels, etc. However, SELF is continuously experimenting with various AI tools and search engines to enhance the user experience and offer the most relevant information. Remember, the more preferences you add to your SELF profile, the more tailored the assistance will be to your unique needs and interests. For any questions or further assistance, you can explore the resources provided on the SELF platform, such as the contact page, FAQs, media articles, and social channels at the base of all pages.

Getting started

To add a preference to your SELF profile, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your SELF account.

2. Navigate to your profile screen.

3. Look for the section where you can add or edit your preferences.

4. Enter the new preference you wish to add.

5. Save your changes to update your profile with the new preference. By adding more preferences SELF can provide you with more relevant and personalised responses. When entering your preferences for things you like or dislike, please use the following naming conventions:

When entering your preferences for things you dislike please use the following naming conventions
It is important to remember that each preference entry should never include any commas.

This example is correct:

My favourite drinks are sparking mineral water red wine champagne and earl grey tea.

This example is incorrect:

My favourite drinks are sparking mineral water, red wine, champagne and earl gray tea.

To start, maybe give your SELF a name.

Simply enter the following text into a preference box, Your name is [ENTER NAME] In the below example, the user has called SELF “Warren”.
Click the “Save preferences” button. Remember, if you decide to change the name of your SELF, you can simply go back into the preference tab and add a new name to the field.

Now go to the Chat Screen and ask SELF:
SELF will respond as follows (in this instance, the user’s name is Amazonia):
You can add anything you like to your preferences. In this phase of testing, it is in the Profile Preferences that your preferences are recorded - not via the Chat. What you share is completely up to you but do remember the more SELF learns about you the more useful it will become.

If you ask SELF a question that is too vague, you will know it is, because the answer will be too vague. You need to be specific with what you say to SELF - but, the good news is, you will only ever need to enter your preferences once, for SELF to remember them.

Get Creative

Enter some preferences and see how SELF can help you with tasks. You can even tell SELF it has a specific talent - providing motivational quotes, for example!
Then you can ask SELF to do something it is good at. An example result could be:
In your profile screen, if you have a lot of preferences recorded and you want to check or amend one, go to 'Edit' in your browser menu at the top of your screen, select 'Find', and scroll down to the word 'Find'. Don't select ‘Search the web’. You can equally press 'command+F' or 'CTRL+F' depending on your computer. Type the word or phrase you are looking for and use the up or down arrows. Remember, if you are changing the preference, you will need to save your changes by clicking Save Preferences at the bottom of the screen. If you want to delete the preference, select the red minus (-) button next to the preference box and save your changes by clicking Save Preferences.

If you want to search for a previous conversation with your SELF, type the keywords into the magnifying glass to the right of your chat screen. Hit enter, then use the up and down arrows to navigate through your keywords.

Now you have the basic principles, it's time to get to know your SELF, and for SELF to get to know you!